Umbro X John Smedley

The past is often an inspiration for the future in relation to design. The ability to look back and re-create garments from distant days serves as a refreshing injection of originality; offering a fresh perspective on the current array of mundane ideas. This ideology is exactly what Umbro have used to rediscover two of its most iconic items with the helping hand of knitwear specialist John Smedley.

Unearthed from the Umbro archives, the design team encountered two pieces from the 1940’s.


The Field Sweater

Originally a warm up top in 1948 – the re-make preserves most of its original characteristics from its predecessor, featuring a distinctively retro cut. Crafted from John Smedley’s sea island cotton in a 24 gauge knit, the updated model is available in a dark navy and features an intricate array of details. From ribbed cuffs to a mid-zip detail and a concealed pocket, the field sweater to has a distinctively functional edge.


The Tangeru

Fabricated from a 30 gauge cotton, this three button t-shirt features a round collar inspired by competitive vest used during the era. Utilising the tones of red, white and blue, the Tangeru staples these patriotic colours to its chest in a horizontal formation – rejoicing the vintage notions of athletics.

Prices range from £125 to £175,,

Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.