Up Your Rum Game With Wester Spirit Co.

Wester Rum

A Nod to Glasgow

When considering Scotland and a drinks cabinet – the likely result is more whisky than rum. But as Bob Dylan once sung, the times they are a-changin. Leading the charge is Wester Spirit Co. Founded by Zander Macgregor and Allan Nairn, natives of the West Coast of Scotland, and residents of Glasgow. The duo founded Wester Spirit Co. off the back of a background in business and engineering but more importantly, a passion for rum, small batch craft spirits, the distilling process and the rich origins of Glasgow.

Wester Craft


This passion has been translated into their inaugural product – a premium, full bodied, small batch spiced rum, using copper pot stills with a rich, rounded finish. Craft distilled in Glasgow, ‘Wester Rum’ celebrates the city’s storied past and reputation in refined sugar. Furthermore, the brand takes its name from the Wester Sugar House Company, established in Glasgow’s Candleriggs in 1667.


For that delicious full bodied flavour the brand has become renowned for, Wester use copper pot stills to impart its unique flavour. Deep mahogany in colour, the spirit is infused with the finest spices, hints of citrus zests and notes of vanilla to create a complex rum. Ape found it was best enjoyed neat over ice or feel free to drink it with a mixer of your choice.

Inside Track

“A recipe developed over many months of research and experimentation, the final blend hosts the perfect balance between the full bodied flavour of the pot still rum and the warm Caribbean spices. A lot of personal time and energy is dedicated to ensure Wester Rum is exceptional in taste as it is flavour, invigorating the premium rum category by appealing to passionate rum connoisseurs looking to discover a crafted spirit as rooted in its artisanal values as it is its identity.” -Zander Macgregor, Wester Spirit Co. Co-Founder


Scotland’s newest spirit is priced £35, available at westerspirit.com now.