This is a tough one… What would you trade for an all inclusive trip to the World Cup? Think about it, what are the tickets actually worth to you? The opportunity to watch an epic battle as each team fights for their country’s pride and adoration, the opportunity for you to say “I was there”. Perhaps you would trade your new car? Or maybe ‘Socrates’ the much loved family cat would be a fair trade?


Luckily Gentlemen, you don’t have to. Hyundai are inviting football fans around the UK to upload a video of themselves on Facebook – answering the simple question ‘What Would You Trade?’ for a chance to win an all inclusive trip to the World Cup (flights, hotel, tickets).

So get creative, think hard, act fast and you could be in South Africa in three weeks, completely gratis. The question really is; What would you trade for a place in history? Gents, that’s got to be worth at least a couple of inches – off your hairline of course…

For more information and to upload your video visit