Why Your Night Time Routine is Important

A saying we’re all probably quite familiar with is “Men have thicker skin than women”. In actual fact this is completely true. Men’s skin is considerably thicker, resulting in smaller pores and oiler skin. For this reason a good skin care routine is vital to keep you looking fresh.

How you treat your skin at night time determines how refreshed (or tired) you will look in the morning. The skin uses the your time asleep to recover and repair it’s self from any damage caused from environmental pollutions or uv radiation it may encounter during the day. Our blood vessels dilate, allowing an increased flow of nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which helps stimulate the removal of toxic cellular products. Research shows that our cells even regenerate faster while we’re sleeping.

Keeping up with a regular nighttime routine feeds the cells in your skin everything they need to optimise repairs to your skin . Resulting in a healthier, cleaner and happier complexion.


Washing/cleansing your face before bed is probably the most obvious yet easily avoidable task to do before bed. Many of us have showers after work or after the gym, therefore dismissing the need to cleanse the face before bed. Don’t make a habit out of this, cleansing every night washes away the pollution build up from the day.

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Exfoliating the face before bed removes dead skin cells that have built up through out the day. When the skin begins to repair over night, time is not wasted on cells that are already dead as you have been smart enough to get rid before going to sleep.

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Anti Wrinkle

Serums are great at targeting specific problems you may face. Using an anti ageing serum before bed will help to elevate any signs of ageing and prolong your youthful skin. Many anti-ageing products are best at night rather than in the day as they can contain active ingredients that don’t interact well with sunlight. Allow it to completely soak into your skin before applying any other problematic specific serums.


Night creams generally contain more potent restorative ingredients and tend to be richer in texture than day moisturisers. Allowing for ultimate hydration to the skin whilst you sleep.

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The eyes take the biggest toll than the rest of your face, therefore need the most looking after. Once the skin has been moisturised an eye cream should be generously patted around and under the eyes. This allows you to wake up with bright, well rested eyes.

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Removing or trimming unruly hairs before bed isn’t necessarily the most important part of your routine, however waking up knowing you’re facial hair is already neat and tidy can save you time and looking good can get your day off to a great start.

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