How to Avoid Razor Burn

Razor burn not only ruins a good shave, it just looks bad. There’s no magical cure to stop razor burn occurring after a shave however there are so many preventative treatments. There’s nothing quite like starting your day off with a good clean shave, don’t let yourself be discouraged because of the nasty side effects. These only occur after improper shaving. We have your step by step guide to help you avoid razor burn and that horrible itchy feeling that pops up a few hours after you shave.

Wet + Exfoliate

Facial hair will absorb up to 30% of its volume in moisture. Hair swollen with water becomes relatively weak and therefore cuts easier. Therefore showering before shaving is the ideal way to ensure you beard is properly moistened, if not simply washing your face with warm water should do the trick.

Exfoliating the skin prior to shaving will prevent rashes and irritations. The in-depth skin cleaning that exfoliation provides removed impurities and dead skin cells. This action helps to relax the facial muscles, opens up your pores and follicles and softens the hair. Ready for optimum close shaving.

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Shave Cream + Brush

Choosing the right shaving cream can be very difficult as there is such a wide variety on offer. You need to know what skin type you have, what type of hair you have, what you want you want your face to smell like for the next 8 hours, everything short of needing to know what blood type you are.

Choosing suitable for all skin types (including sensitive is the best way around it) as even if you don’t suffer from sensitive skin, shaving can easily irritate the skin so any further protection is well worth it. Applying the creme with a shaving brush seems like a pointless endeavour granted, however it does offer great results at reducing and preventing shaving rash. The shaving brush softens and lifts the hairs away from the face, allowing for a closer shave with out tugging at the skin.

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The most important aspect of avoiding razor burn and shaving rash is to avoid using a dull razor blade at all costs. A dull blade creates resistance and drag, almost tearing the hairs from your face instead of cutting them. Double edged safety razors have been widely recognised for reducing irritation of the skin, as the single blade provides a clean cut without excess blades chewing up the skin.


The best method of shaving is to shave in the direction of the beard growth (“with the grain”). Starting with the sides, then moustache area and lastly the chin, because the chin hairs are the toughest, this allows them the most time to soften and lift under the shave cream.

Although many may argue shaving against the direction of hair growth gives a closer shave, this is true however, it is the leading cause of razor burn, skin rash & skin irritation and often will cause you to cut your skin below skin level, thus causing ingrown hairs (razor bumps).

As each person’s facial hair has its own growth pattern you may be unsure of the direction of your beard grows, if you can let it grow for a day or two you should be able to see the direction. Remember to constantly rinse your razor to remove excess lather and dirt as you shave.

After Shaving

The skin is now most vulnerable, you must rinse with warm water removing all access shave cream and then rinse again with cool water to help close the pores. Finishing by patting dry with a clean towel. (Don’t rub. Just pat)


Shaving can remove up to two layers of skin. There is no other regular activity that does this, which is why it is so important to use a good quality moisturiser after shaving. This is the ideal way to replace lost moisture and soothe the skin for the last preventative measure for irritation and redness after shaving. One that is not greasy, absorbs quickly and drys with a matte finish so that your face doesn’t look shiny. The best aftershave moisturisers not only replace lost moisture and soothe, but also have ingredients that will cool and refresh the skin.

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