Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Power Select

Wilkinson Sword heat up the razor market with their contemporary design Hydro 5 Power Select razor – the world’s first customisable wet shave power razor. With every man’s skin being different, customising the razor allows each Gentleman to select the setting best suited to their own skin type and specific needs. Lowering the chance for irritation and delivering a better shave.

Like we see across a range of battery powered wet razors the Hydro 5 power is controlled using a simple single button interface. Three vibration settings, controlled by a microprocessor, allow you to control shaving comfort by adjusting the vibration leading to better results, with less irritation when compared to the Hydro 5 manual. The easy-to-see LED screen clearly shows your current level of vibration and the battery strength.

For those accustomed to the Wilkinson Sword range the new Hydro 5 power incorporates all the features you would find on a number of their other models. This includes the Hydrating Gel Reservoir, Ultra Glide Blades with Skin Guards and the Flip Trimmer. The new blades feature an enhanced gel reservoir containing a skin defence complex, hydrating throughout each shave. Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting said:

“Power wet razors revolutionised shaving, especially for men with sensitive skin. Power razors deliver a more comfortable shave, but until now there’s only been one speed which limits its function. The new Hydro 5 Power Select has three speeds which allow the user to control the vibration to suit their skin, reducing skin irritation”.