Ape to Gentleman is back once again with Banksy, but this time with a fantastic chance to own one. UK art collective Subism present a unique opportunity to own and enjoy an original signed Banksy print of your own, and better yet, it could only cost you £1! Subism are champions of up coming contemporary artists from all over the globe, showcasing their varied talents in a series of  live music fuelled artistic events hosted around the UK.

The Banksy is only one of many prizes to win in the Subism Christmas Lotto, the proceeds of which will go to promote the artists and bring the shows to more locations in the UK.

With the cost of entry set at one mere pound, the question is not ‘Can you afford to enter’, but ‘Can you afford not to enter’? I know what I’m going to do; I’ll be sure to post a photo of the aforementioned Banksy on my wall at home.