As Autumn sets in and Winter approaches, we asked fragrance experts Les Senteurs to detail 10 of the Best Autumn/ Winter Fragrances. Words by James Craven – Les Senteurs’ nationally quoted fragrance archivist and expert chronicler of all things culturally fragrant.

We all appreciate the pleasurable sensation and adventure of reflecting the changing seasons of the year in our fragrances; but the British autumn climate is all too apt to vary wildly and unpredictably between bracing crisp frosts, teeming warm rain, damp mists and days of radiant sun. So our choices of scent for the year’s finale are correspondingly mutable and flexible besides offering the ultimate in individual edgy masculine style.

 Poudre de Riz

by Huitieme Art.


A sweet powdery scent of ambiguous decadence inspired by the 1908 novel “L’Enfer” by Henri Barbusse, the classic study of voyeurism. This soft and subtle fragrance uses rice powder and iris blended with sandalwood, amber and monoi oil to suggest furtive passion in closed rooms, love in the afternoon behind shutters closed and curtained against the November fogs. Cosy and reassuring, elegant but slightly unnerving, Poudre Du Riz seduces and intrigues: like a double entendre, you may take it at face value and wear it like a casually elegant cashmere sweater or explore its more infernal and intimate depths that hint of skin, warm flesh and sex.

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by Bruno Acampora.

A smooth, golden musk oil to apply directly to the skin. Magnificently tenacious and pervasive, this musk essence is perfectly attuned to autumn days and fabrics. Hints of violet, patchouli, tonka and vanilla deepen into a a rich woody oriental fragrance. You can if you wish add the oil to an unscented body oil or lotion of your own choosing: overall application makes for a superb sillage as you diffuse fragrance subtly from every pore. Acampora design a fascinating selection of oils with a wide range of ingredients: NERO is also especially recommended for the autumn and winter wear. This blend of saffron, grapefruit, patchouli and fragrant woods will light a flame on the dreariest of days.

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Geranium Pour Monsieur

by Editions de Parfums.

A sparkling adventure in contrasts which is exciting and stimulating besides comforting and tranquil: fresh out of the shower and enveloped in a warm fleecy bath-sheet. The head and base notes are a vibrant cascade of mint, peppermint and cinnamon; a wake-up call of fabulous crispness that gradually softens and deepens into a clean warm base of musk, incense resins and sandalwood. Dashing and elegant. Unusual without egregiousness this is a gleaming pristine scent which is ideal for office, boardroom or an evening tete a tete.

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Green Irish Tweed

by Creed.

No roster of olfactory gems is complete without a Creed title. What can be more debonair than the mellow earthy depths of Green Irish Tweed? Suitable for any age or time of year, this pinnacle of sophistication is the incarnation of the season of mists and fruitfulness: notes of violet leaf, rich damp fertile soil, mint and the last roses of summer draw strength and intensity from depths of ambergris and precious woods. Full of sunshine to brighten a day at work or add a little sex appeal to your time off. Supremely masculine and definitively the men’s fragrance all women want to smell.

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by Francis Kurkdjian.

Every gentleman needs an oud fragrance in his collection. Oud is one of the oldest and most highly prized raw ingredients in perfumery: a profoundly scented oleo-resin which is obtained from the dying agar trees of East Asia; its odour is variously described as smoky, earthy, cold, pure, animalic, mind-expanding  – but always amazing. Used for millennia in Arab cultures, oud has made a late but very dramatic appearance in the West. Kurkdjian’s version is one of the most authentic and virile, seguing through a galaxy of different moods on the skin and aimed at a man of confidence, originality and adventure. One for the connoisseur.

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Fougere Royale

by Houbigant

One of the oldest, one of the best from a company that was the pride of Paris before the French Revolution. A milestone in fragrance history and evolution, Fougere Royale first burst upon the world in 1882; the first perfume to combine natural and synthetic notes. Now triumphantly recreated after years of neglect it glitters as new – a suave evocation of forest ferns and woods, darkened with patchouli, enriched with oak moss and sweetened by rose geranium. Impeccably stylish, assured and elegant: a gentleman’s cologne that fits and flatters like a Savile Row suit.

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by Parfumerie Generale

An exotic but  discreet perfume which conjures up the scents and atmosphere of the eternal deserts and green oases of Northern Africa and the ancient eponymous trading city of Dhjenne.  Those of you who enjoyed Pierre Guillaume’s breathtaking Bois Blond will be more than enthusiastic about this new release: ripe corn fields beneath a scorching sun emanate a cereal richness enhanced by bitter cocoa, myrrh and mint, enveloped in notes of soft leather and the hot bitter sand. A true escapist perfume to transport you from the rainy smuts of urban Britain to a palm-fronded paradise, basking in heat and immemorial tradition.

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by Bex London.

A brand new fragrance from a company which takes its inspiration from iconic areas and atmospheres of London. EC2 is great for City guys, high-flying financiers and avant garde artists. The smells and scents of inspiration, thrust and drive: crisp green galbanum blended with zesty lime, grapefruit, black pepper and clove. A full bodied and robust modern fougere full of confidence and youthful verve. The perfect perfume for the work place to  energise and inspire. Clean, woody and spicy. An interesting contrast to Fougere Royale (above) – a classic genre re-interpreted for the 21st century.

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Sienne l’Hiver

by Eau d’Italie

Italian scents have a distinctive style and refined elegance of their own which reflects the sartorial know-how of the country. Sienne l’Hiver explores the colours, tones and atmosphere of Siena in the twilight months: the ancient brown stones still holding traces of the summer’s heat contrasted with the dark deep earthiness of the winter weather. A vivd green note emanates from oils of violet leaf and fern while a rich base exudes white truffle, sweet labdanum resin, dry frankincense and the bucolic warmth of hay. A sombre opulent grandeur with an intriguing hint of grandeur.

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Spice and Wood

by Creed.

Bearing in mind that every autumn inexorably culminates in Christmas, here is a spectacular new extravaganza from Creed to revel in. One of 5 fragrances in the new Royales Exclusives Collection, Spice and Wood is presented in an opulent 250ml splash flask, appropriately boxed. An ample and luxurious scent to be applied liberally with the practised hand of the fragrance sybarite. Masculine, classic and sophisticated this is a darkly handsome aromatic perfume with opens with the fresh bite of apple leading to a heart of angelica, pimento, clove, birch, suave iris and vetiver. The base is an authoritative blend of cedar and mosses. The ultimate prize for the Seasonal Stocking.

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