adidas Football Fluid & Etch

adidas Football have revealed their latest limited edition footwear, the Fluid & Etch pack. It includes the Fluid X 15 and ACE 16 constructed with magnetic design to embody movement, and the Etch X 15 and ACE 16 designed with a unique k leather upper.

The Fluid boot has an upper created using an innovative process that takes a semi-fluid metallic pigment and runs magnets over the boot to manipulate the liquid and create distinctive patterns and textures. The pigment then freezes and sets to create a dark metallic, light-catching material.

The Etch boot constructed using only K Leather, with no additional constructions or additions delivers comfort, with the material naturally light and soft to provide a snug fit as if moulded to the foot. The traditional K leather upper was then given a futuristic design by etching the surface for a unique texture.

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