Agi & Sam: Autumn/Winter ’13

To a resounding up roar of distinctively English music lay Agi & Sam’s latest offering. We have become accustomed to welcoming the unexpected, in regards to collections, by the duo and we were by no means disappointed with their intriguing offering.

In a reincarnation of all things British, Agi & Sam lay out a voluptuous array of charismatic prints, utilising shapes and spirits from country-like animals. Of note was the more wearable pieces, wool and tartan prints worked effortlessly in the form of over coats and gilets which took shape in pop colours of blue and yellow. A nod to the comical then followed with one model being accompanied by a rather dignified Basset Hound… A nice touch for the well-humored show. It seems as if the duo have become wise beyond their years, as the show was coveted with maturity and elegance – yet remained with a distinctive charismatic charm. A character that we hope continues to shine.


Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.