Aitor Throup: New Object Research

Aitor Throup is a fairly new name to the majority of us, but it’s a name that will become more recognisable. Aitor has been steadily building up his own design philosophy and will be intermittently introducing pieces from his ‘collection’. At the recent London Collections: Men, Throup launched a range called ‘New Object Research’ which will consist of 22 archetypes. On display at the presentation was the ‘Shiva Skull Bag’ – a functional military bag in the shape of a human skull.  Later in the year, one complete outfit will be available exclusively through Dover Street Market.

Throup actually has a dislike towards the forced seasonal nature of creating collections on a six month cycle – and unlike designers who work within those traditional structures, he leans towards taking his time to develop his ideas. He prefers to evolve and refine existing ideas rather than develop new ones, so that the products he creates are unique and innovative.

The patience and intricate examination to build his ‘concept archive’ has taken Throup years to construct the final ‘blocks’ from which to construct all subsequent designs. This has led to completely new ways of cutting and constructing a garment. Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto have done the same, and it’s refreshing to see Throup forge his own style development.



Chris Chasseaud

Chris is the Style & Features Editor at Ape to Gentleman, and one of the UK's leading style commentators. Having worked in the fashion and design world for his entire career he's well placed to deliver sartorial advice.