Product review: Mr Black Garment Essentials

While some will tell you that washing denim is an uncompromising sin others will advocate that washing of such a thing is a mere necessity for freshness and comfort. We at Ape to Gentleman always like to challenge the notion of such ideas and were lucky enough to discover and test out Mr Black’s Garment Essentials Denim Refresh and Wash.

Denim wash

Formulated with an enzyme free wash the ‘Denim wash’ acts as an intensive procedure. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Mr Black urges you to wear your jeans for as long as possible, in order to get a true clean. In testing we used a pair of indigo selvedge denim jeans of which we was impressed with the way the wash helped them retain their colour and rawness. Often the problem with such things is the leaking of dye but our pair came out with a shade of newness and after drying they retained an authentic denim look.

Denim refresh

In contrast to the wash, Mr Black’s ‘Denim refresh’ works better when dealing with smaller stains. Taking the form of a spray it’s consistency also means it is also perfect for travel, acting as a the perfect fix for any un-expected problems. We tested this product using common stains such as dirt, food and grass – the latter of which proved slightly more difficult to remove. However with two sharp sprays all stains were removed effectively and without soaking the fabric, this option proved a far more effective way of tackling stains quickly.


Anthony Elliott

Anthony is a fashion writer, with a unique eye for style.