A.P.C. – Quilts Round 13 Collection

A.P.C. have released their Round 13 Quilts collection, designed by the brand’s founder Jean Touitou and Jamaican-born fashion designer Jessica Ogden.

Ogden is known for her involvement in the growing popularity of salvage fashion, and in particular her work with old and distressed fabric, a theme which she has explored since the launch of her own label in 1993.

As a result, the quilts are a patchwork of cotton and silk fabrics in multiple colors, hand-quilted over a thin padded backing.


Here’s what Jean Touitou had to say about the collection:

I have chosen to name these quilts after the characters from Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. First, because it is about the passage of time, as are quilts, but also because my mother was an avid reader of Proust. The fact is that my love of quilts first came from her.


I like the idea of an archaeologist finding a Jessica Ogden / A.P.C. quilt in 500 years from now and wondering why in hell a blanket made of left over fabric would have been called Gilberte.


Our friend the archaeologist would ask himself: “Wait, Gilberte, WTF?”


Quilts to me are intrinsically linked to the past. They are made from yesterday’s fabrics, fabrics that we used and had leftovers of. In a way, quilts are to contemporary history what pottery is to ancient history.


The Quilts Round 13 Collection, by A.P.C.

Jack Lenton

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