Lynx, the antiperspirant-deodorant, body wash and now hair styling brand have partnered with Ape to Gentleman to reveal their new product ranges and at a later date report back on our unique approach to a modern day weekend and how such a thing has changed over the years- from a drink-laden stag do of old affair to a more refined, sophisticated and gentlemanly approach.

Our co-pilots for the weekend couldn’t have been chosen better by Lynx; the sophisticated and stylish duo of John from The Everyday Man and Craig from Menswear Style, it has all the ingredients for a unique weekender.

Moving on to the new products from the Lynx Range in three fragrance pump sprays designed for the pulse points, our favourite scent first; the Signature with oud wood and dark vanilla, then Urban featuring notes of tobacco and amber, and finally Adrenaline, a really fresh offering with iced musk and ginger.

There are also three anti-perspirants in corresponding scents; Signature anti mark protection, Urban advanced protection and Adrenaline charge up protection.

To conclude the trilogy Lynx have introduced an excellent styling range which includes Urban messy look paste, Urban matt gel, Signature definition wax and Adrenaline spiked up glue.

The Weekender

The weekend planned for June 4th-5th is centred around the three pillars of the new Lynx range; ‘Adrenaline’, ‘Urban’ and ‘Signature/ Gentlemanly’, our area of concern; the latter, which naturally aligns with Ape to… Gentleman. Final activities are to be confirmed but we are heading to Edinburgh and gunning for either whiskey tasting, a visit to the Royal Observatory, a boat trip from Edinburgh to the islands in the Firth of Forth or a visit to the theatre. Of course, we look forward to what John from The Everyday Man and Craig from Menswear Style have in-store for us with their ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Urban’ tasked choices.

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