Every now and then products change their image, for better and for worse, but we are pleased to report that in the case of Axe, it’s the former. The new, refreshed packaging features a redesigned look with a better grip and click-to-open top that provides improved control of the shower gel as it leaves the bottle. However while the packaging was pretty impressive, what really caught our eye was the ‘sister’ product that accompanied it, the Axe Detailer Shower Tool.

The ‘Shower tool’ features an ergonomic grip and the soft mesh side to build more lather than before to help clean your ‘sensitive’ areas. Use the scrub side to cleanse your extra dirty spots (ideal for after a game of Sunday Football) or tough parts such as hands, feet elbows, etc.

Here is how you use it:

  • Lather Axe Shower gel with black mesh and dig in with blue scrub
  • When done, rinse the tool thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and hang up to dry [1. For best results replace detailer every 4-6 weeks].
  • Take extra care when using on sensitive areas

So that is it Gents, it’s as simple as that.