Bang & Olufsen – Harmonies Wireless Speaker Collection

Bang & Olufsen has announced a new limited collection of its wireless speaker systems, the Harmonies.

The collection comes in an organic green colour, matching the trend of natural tones that is currently sweeping across interior and home design. B&O believe that green is the perfect colour to create a symbol life, prosperity and rejuvenation, creating a sense of subtle sophistication and calm within the home.


Made up of five different speakers, the collection starts at £529 with the Beoplay M5, and tops out at the Beoplay A9 for £1,949.

The tone the Harmonies Collection design is based around is known as Infantry Green. On aluminum surfaces Infantry Green will vary from a dark golden tone to a deep green, depending on the reflections and intensity of light. Similarly, the fabrics used in the collection appear both green and earthy brown from different angles and in different lighting.


“At Bang & Olufsen we continuously absorb trends, process them and make our own distinct interpretations of them. We always strive to create something both new and timeless. In this case, we developed our own tone of green with a monochromathic look through all the different materials, visually tying together the products.” – Kresten Bjørn Krab-Bjerre, Bang & Olufsen Concept Manager


The name Harmonies is also a subtle reference to the multiroom functionality of the speakers,which allows you to have the speakers play different music in different rooms, or connect to have the same music flow throughout your home.


The Harmonies Wireless Speaker Collection, by BANG & OLUFSEN

Jack Lenton

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