Ditch The TV: Projectors That Will Give You The Cinema Experience At Home

We’ve all thought about it, even if just for a few seconds: ditch the TV, buy a projector. Massive screen and that dimly-lit cinema atmosphere all from the comfort of your living room. But what about the humming noise? What about the setup? What about all those foibles you associate with the mediocre beaming device your mind harks back to in secondary school? Fear not, projectors have come a long way.

Taking into account a range of budgets and features, we’ve pulled together our favourite projectors on the current market. Whether you’re after something to truly replace your TV, a more immersive gaming experience or something portable to make life on the road more bearable, our edit has something for everyone.

BenQ W2700

A reliable all-rounder that offers impressive picture quality at an attractive price point. Known for some of the biggest hitters on the home projector market, BenQ’s W2700 offers admirable 4K HDR picture quality for just over the one-thousand pound mark – which when you look at its competitors, is a real snip. Weighing just over 4.2kg, it’s ideal for mounting and small enough to stow away.

Built-in speakers, an easy setup, a nifty little remote and plenty of connectivity ports provide satisfying accompaniments to a projector that packs a balanced, high-definition picture for a great price.

£1,398; richersounds.com

Optoma UHD40

Another fantastic mid-priced projector that delivers noticeable detail, delightfully balanced colour and dramatic HD quality. It’s no surprise this projector is an award winner, with a compact and sturdy build delivering rich realistic colour, crisp detail and silky-smooth motion. Five-watt speakers do the job for portable needs, but it’s the picture quality that really separates the UHD40 from the pack. If you want to go big, invest in one of these.

£1,198; amazon.co.uk

LG CineBeam HU80KSW

Think of it as the slimline R2-D2 of the projector world. A sleek, minimal oblong box that sits on the carpet and beams impressive 4K images onto your wall. Yes, that’s television quality 4K, with the same smart features, except the LG CineBeam HU80KSW offers a picture size up to a gigantic 150 inches. Fancy that? You should. Packing a true all-in-one home cinema system, with integrated speakers and handy app features (Netflix, Prime, screen mirroring), the LG Cinebeam is an entertainment tour de force.

£1,956.18; amazon.co.uk

Epson EH-TW650

If you want the entry-level novelty of big-screen entertainment but without sacrificing picture quality and build, opt for Epson’s EH-TW650. Slim and compact, yet more robust and solid-feeling than ultraportable models, this projector packs a 1080p resolution and 3100 lumen output, combining to create a surprisingly good picture for the outlay. A variety of ports on the back ensure all your input requirements are met, while an easy to use remote and control panel on the unit itself make for a breezy setup.

£499; currys.co.uk

Anker Nebula Capsule II Mini

The amount of tech crammed into a unit the size of a small drinks can makes Anker’s latest Nebula model an astounding little projector. Weighing less than a kilogram, giving you three hours of bright and clean picture quality and with a slick in-built Android TV interface, this is the perfect projector for viewing on the move. Able to project a picture as large as 100 inches, the addition of a HDMI and USB port mean devices like a Firestick can be plugged in without issue. It’ll set you back, but if you’re after ultraportable, it’s best in class.

£499.99; very.co.uk