Tech Stars: The Best New Gadgets Released In 2020

There has been a frankly mind-boggling array of gadgets released in 2020. It never fails to astound us how far we’ve come over recent years, and the list below only confirms humankind’s progress.

Covering everything from cars to fitness, house appliances to gaming consoles, feast your eyes on the best tech the year has to offer.


For us, Christmas is synonymous with games consoles. Be it the original Playstation of yesteryear or the Xbox releases years later, you can’t beat a Christmas Day evening spent on the latest FIFA release and either a sibling or relative furiously bashing buttons as you beat their AC Milan team 5-0 with a below strength Grimsby Town.

2020 is the year of PS5 and needless to say it’s an absolutely phenomenal release. Combine it with a state-of-the-art TV, sound setup and the latest Assassin’s Creed and usher the future into your living room.

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Porsche Taycan

You’re probably not going to get one of these in your stocking but you can always dream. Porche’s flagship electric car is hands-down the best EV to date and the 751 bhp Turbo S version is likely to turn the head of even the most stubborn of petrolheads.

Despite being a comfortable four-door, at its heart the Taycan is first and foremost a sports car – and an ambitious one at that. With smooth good looks, a 254-mile range, sleek interiors and signature Porsche handling, the Taycan is this year’s ultimate gadget.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max

It’s huge, it’s 5G compatible (finally), it’s got two days’ of battery life, it’s quite heavy, the camera is better than most on the market and if you like your phones closer to tablet size it’s probably the best one money can buy.

Despite its size it’s actually surprisingly ergonomic and fits well in two hands (you’re playing with fire holding it with one). All in all, it’s the best iPhone Apple have ever made and you absolutely deserve one.

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Theragun Mini

There’s one name killing it in the massage gun game at the moment and it’s Theragun. Although the brand produce a wide array of large devices, the Theragun Mini is a great value option that’s compact but powerful.

Quiet with superb battery life and a performance that is the ultimate antidote to knots, cramps and general aches and pains, you can now experience a professional-quality massage wherever you are.

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If you’re looking to improve your running form or you’re hungry for more insight into your workout, look no further than NURVV Run. A pair of smart insoles slip easily into your running shoes and connect to GPS and your phone to provide a full breakdown of your exercise from balance to step length.

Biomechanics and coaching are then provided to help you fine-tune your approach for performance and injury avoidance.

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Momax UV-C LED Sanitising Pen

If you’ve had enough of all that goo you’ve been smearing all over your hands and your work desk in order to sanitise, sanitise, sanitise, this handy gadget is the one for you. Simply pass the pen over a surface for 10-30 seconds and its UVC light will kill 99.9% of germs.

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Silentmode Powermask

You eat healthy, you exercise regularly, you’ve cut down on the alcohol, you’re meditating… you’re ticking all of the boxes for a healthy lifestyle. Then you end up topping it off with a mere six hours of sleep.

Get yourself a proper sleeping mask like the Silentmode Powermask. Described as ‘your own personal sanctuary’, it’ll block out light and sound and even help you train your breathing and nervous system to build your body’s natural relaxation mechanisms.

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LARQ UV Self-Cleaning Bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated and it’s important to shun a disposable plastic bottles wherever possible. But what do you get for trying to live a sustainable, water-consuming life? That musty bottle smell two weeks in, no matter how hard you scrub.

The LARQ Benefit Edition UV self-cleaning bottle purifies both itself and the water inside, killing 99.9% of bacteria. Rechargeable, it’ll keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and your hot beverages hot for an impressive 12 hours.

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Koble Smart Table

Koble Smart Table is an extremely futuristic gadget that feels like a moment for ‘smart furniture’. Needless to say it does a lot more than your average side table. Beneath a crystal and wood surface sit two bluetooth speakers with mounted touch-sensitive controls and two USB-A charging points.

Connect your TV to it, go crazy.

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Ember Mug²

We all know that we should be using a reusable coffee cup but where’s the fun in using a boring analogue one that just contains? Get yourself an Ember Mug 2.

It’s app compatible, it’ll enable you to control the temperature of your drink from 50°C to 62.5°C and it’ll even alert you when your drink reaches your favourite temperature.

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Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%

Name a more controversial shoe. We’ll wait. The Kipchoge-endorsed, sub-2-hour marathon Alphafly narrowly missed out on a World Athletics ban this year. That’s how good they are.

The new Alphafly Next% version come with a full carbon fibre plate and zoom air pods and will certainly set you back a bit. But is there a price on a shoe that has literally been described as moving the needle of human potential? We think not. Snazzy colours too by the way.

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