The Best Shampoos You Can Use For Every Men’s Hair Type

The Best Shampoos For Every Type Of Hair

On the surface of it, picking the best shampoo would appear to be a relatively straightforward affair. After all, it’s just a case of striding down the grooming aisle and selecting the bottle which most appeals to you. Simple. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find that depending on your hair type, your shampoo of choice could actually be doing more harm than good.

Oily hair, dry hair, fine hair, thick hair, and everything in between – it all has its own unique set of requirements. But it’s down to you to select the hair product best suited to the task at hand.

This wouldn’t be so difficult if it weren’t for the fact that there are more men’s shampoos out there than there are individual strands on your scalp. Which is why Ape has done the legwork to bring you a carefully curated edit of the finest shampoos to suit every hair type.

The Best Shampoos For Every Requirement

Rest assured that no matter what’s going on upstairs, there is a shampoo out there specifically designed to work wonders on it. Whether it’s frizzy and out of control, or dull and lacklustre, the right shampoo can bless your hair with a new lease of life by repairing damage and providing nourishment.

With that in mind, here are the best tools for the job.

Best Shampoos For Dry Hair/Dandruff

Split ends, brittle texture, irritated skin and a flaky scalp are all signs your hair might need a little bit of additional moisture. Luckily, there are plenty of great products out there dedicated to giving it just that.

Aesop Calming Shampoo

Aesop Calming Shampoo

Australian grooming brand Aesop pretty much has the monopoly on minimalist-friendly shampoo. The subtly-branded packaging makes a welcome addition to any Instagram fanatic’s bathroom cabinet, and it just so happens that this particular option works wonders for calming irritated scalps too.

A gentle, soothing blend of chamomile flower, fennel fruit and sage leaf works to cleanse hair while going easy on sensitive skin.

£17.00 for 200ml from MANKIND >

The Body Shop Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

The Body Shop Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Nothing hinders the visual impact of your outfit quite like a smattering of flaky dead scalp dusted across the shoulders. It’s unsightly and (assuming you’re wise to it) can really knock your confidence. The solution is a thoughtfully chosen shampoo.

The Body Shop’s ginger anti-dandruff offering uses a unique combination of ingredients designed to eliminate flakes while keeping your scalp nourished and healthy.

£6.50 for 250ml from THE BODY SHOP >

Sachajuan Moisturising Shampoo

Sachajuan Moisturising Shampoo

If you like to keep things simple, Sachajuan is the grooming brand for you. The company was born out of frustration at the increasing complexity of the market and aimed to take things back to basics. Collaborating with Swedish scientists, Sachajuan works tirelessly to formulate professional products that do exactly what they claim to.

The brand’s moisturising shampoo has been made with dry, dyed or bleached hair in mind. Put simply: if you have a haystack on your head, this is the stuff that’s going to turn it back into silk.

£10.00 for 100ml from ESCENTUAL >

Best Shampoos For Fine/Receding Hair

Given the epitome of manhood is often sold as washboard abs and thick, lustrous locks, being cursed with a receding hairline or fine hair can feel wholly unfair.

But fear not. While going bald may not have been on your to-do list, it’s far from the worst thing that can happen. What’s more, there is a myriad of lotions and potions out there geared towards getting the most out of what you have left, so you don’t have to give in and shave it all off just yet.

Kiierr DHT Blocking Shampoo for Hair Growth

Kiierr’s DHT blocker hair loss shampoo blocks enzymes that turn testosterone into DHT. It includes proteins for hair health, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Keratin, Jojoba Oil, and Collagen Amino Acids, and weighs in at 8 ounces.

Key ingredients include Zinc PCA to regulate sebaceous glands and block DHT. While Green Tea reduces DHT and Cholesterol and blocks DHT. With Kapilarine stimulating hair regrowth and maintaining it’s strength. Kiierr’s shampoo is a powerful DHT blocker for men and women.

$34.95 for 8 ounces/ 237ml (shipping worldwide); KIIERR.COM >

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

You’ve seen the adverts. Maybe you’ve even toyed with the idea of buying a bottle while browsing the aisles at your local supermarket. However, that one big question looms in the background: does Alpecin shampoo actually work?

Well, the actual science behind it may be a little cloudy, but according to the countless testimonials published online, there’s definitely something in it. The shampoo claims to energise roots and stimulate hair production due to the introduction of caffeine. And at less than a tenner a bottle, it’s certainly worth a go.

£6.00 for 250ml from BOOTS >

Pankhurst London Thickening Shampoo

Pankhurst London Thickening Shampoo

Pankhurst is known for being one of London’s swankiest barber shops. An upmarket grooming parlour in the heart of Soho, decked out with Bentley barber chairs and boasting an equally flashy product range to boot.

The brand’s thickening shampoo does exactly what it says on the tin. Formulated to “give what hair you have left the luxury it deserves” (their words, not ours) the thickening formula works to increase volume and body while leaving things smelling fresh and feeling glossy.

£18.00 from PANKHURST LONDON >

Patrick’s SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo

Patrick’s SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo

When it comes to hair products specifically geared towards gents, most manufacturers just slap “FOR MEN” on the bottle, make it blue or black and call it a day. But not Patrick’s. This is men’s grooming in its purest form. Thoughtfully produced products that really are made with men in mind every step of the way.

Because the people at Patrick’s are so devoted to men’s grooming needs, they know how important our hair is to us. This luxury thickening option aims to inject strength into the hair and make it appear instantly fuller without ever weighing it down.

£26.00 for 250ml from HARRODS >

Best Shampoos For Oily Hair

Most of us left the greasy mop behind with the regrettable trims and ill-fitting jeans of our teenage years. But not everyone is so lucky. Some men suffer from oily hair right the way through into adulthood. And in addition to not looking great, it can wreak havoc on the skin.

In order to sort it out, these are the best products to buy.

Vichy Oil Balancing Shampoo

Vichy Oil Balancing Shampoo

Sebum is the name of the oil that is constantly being produced by your skin. Although it’s important for healthy skin, too much of it can lead to acne and greasy hair.

Vichy’s Oil Control shampoo combats the excess oil and works to rebalance the production of sebum to a level that won’t leave you looking like you’ve been for a swim in a deep fat fryer. What more could a greasy-haired man possibly ask for?

£9.00 for 200ml from VICHY >

KORRES Liquorice Shampoo For Oily Hair

KORRES Liquorice Shampoo For Oily Hair

Liquorice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But If you’ve been burdened with the oiliest of hair, you might want to reconsider your stance on it.

Urtica and liquorice extracts regulate the production of sebum and ultimately keep hair cleaner for longer. That means less grease, fewer spots and a healthier you overall. Money well spent as far as we’re concerned.

£10.00 for 250ml from AMAZON >

Sukin Oil Balancing Shampoo

Sukin Oil Balancing Shampoo

All that oil in your hair may be slowly driving you insane, but it is there for a reason. Without it, your hair would become limp, dull and lifeless. That’s why it’s never a good idea to strip it away entirely.

The boffins behind Sukin’s Oil Balancing Shampoo are all too aware of this bit of tonsorial trivia. Which is why they made it their mission to create a hair cleansing product that doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils, but simply regulates it instead.

£9.99 for 500ml from MYPURE >

Best Shampoos For Thick/Curly Hair

So you’ve been blessed with a thick, bushy mane. It sounds great on paper, but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks.

Left alone, full-bodied hair can become unruly. Therefore, you’ll need to give it some specially adapted treatment so keep things in check.

American Crew Daily Moisture Shampoo

American Crew Daily Moisture Shampoo

Curly hair has a tendency to go frizzy and dry out. Therefore, moisture locked in is vital.

Formulated with rosemary and thyme extracts, this gargantuan bottle of shampoo naturally tones and moisturises the scalp, while rice bran oil adds sheen and aids elasticity and moisture. Meanwhile, chamomile extract soothes and softens the hair to leave it looking full, glossy and full of nourishment. Just the way nature intended it.

£6.74 for 1,000ml from AMAZON >

Redken Frizz Dismiss

Redken Frizz Dismiss

Do you struggle to go outside in humid weather without your hair developing a life of its own and doubling in size? Then this anti-frizz option from Redken may be what you’re looking for.

The shampoo is geared towards women, but with so few anti-frizz products on the market for men, you really don’t have a huge amount of options. That said, Redken’s offering is more than up to the job and will keep your hair manageable even in the most unpleasant of climates.

£10.05 for 300ml from LOOKFANTASTIC >

Aveda Be Curly Shampoo

Aveda Be Curly Shampoo

So many people devote time and effort to trying to tame their curly hair. They spend money on fortnightly haircuts in an attempt to keep things pristine. But wouldn’t it be easier just to go with the flow?

That’s the thinking behind Aveda’s Be Curly shampoo. It aims to give curly hair the attention it deserves without trying to get rid of any of its natural bounce and character. All the reason you need to be curly and proud.

£16.57 for 250ml from JOHN LEWIS >

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