8 Travel Apps That Will Make Your Next Trip Cheaper & Easier

Like every other department these days, the app revolution has done wonders for travel. Even if you like to think of yourself as a compass-wielding, trekker of the wilderness, we can absolutely guarantee you there’s at least one app on this list that will make your next trip slightly easier. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, here’s a few essential downloads to help on your way.


The big pull for Hopper and what separates it from the vast array of other search engines and apps for booking trips is the handy ability to predict prices ahead, which has the potential to save you up to 40%. The app itself boasts a 95% price accuracy up to a year in advance, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

It also helps negate those feelings of frustration when you either miss out on a deal or book in advance only to see the price reduce a week later.



First, the good news: Roadtrippers is a superb app for anyone considering a road trip. The bad news? It currently only covers the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But, let’s face it, if you’re going to do a proper road trip, you’ll be doing it in one of those countries anyway. The UK’s lovely and all, but you can’t drive around it for that long and not get, well, a bit bored.

This is an app that’ll help plan your route – offering a wealth of information along the way – and will even nudge you towards cool stuff you might not have thought about.



Another handy search engine for flights, hotels and cars. A one-stop shop for planning any trip, Kayak scours hundreds of other travel sites and provides exclusive mobile-only deals as well as an arsenal of helpful tools.

Free flight status updates, airport terminal maps and security wait times are all a tremendous help when you’re either swapping connections or stuck in traffic 30 minutes away from the airport.



Developed by world-renowned scientists and based on the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience, Timeshifter is a jet lag killer that’s quickly become a favourite of astronauts and elite athletes across the globe.

The app will create a personalised jet lag plan – fine-tuning your routine to your own sleep pattern, trip and personal preferences – so you don’t feel as exhausted when you arrive at your destination. A must-own if you’re flying long haul.



Billed as a platform for finding and building local communities, Meetup is a great app for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re trying to further your career, explore your city or just searching for like-minded people to pursue passion projects, it brings groups together.

On the travel front, Meetup lets you dip in and out of other cultures for a more authentic stay. Find local cooking classes, creative meetups, walking tours and more – it’s ideal for meeting new people both from the place you’re visiting and beyond.


App In The Air

App In The Air is an all-in-one location for business and leisure travellers alike who live out of their suitcases and constantly juggle itineraries. The app will keep track of itineraries, boarding passes and even various frequent-flyer programs. You can check boarding and landing times as well as check in and security times. Inside traveller tips are also great for seeking out precious plug sockets or the best airport coffee shops.



With over 100,000 trails maps for runs, hikes and bike rides, the AllTrails app is great for planning trekking holidays but equally as handy for simply finding a good running route when in a foreign city on a business trip.

GPS mapping allows you to follow the trail on your phone in real time whilst the database interface allows you to record your activity if you’re looking to come back to a previous route and challenge yourself.



If you regularly find yourself in airports for both business and leisure travel, Loungebuddy is a great app for making that time more comfortable. Essentially, the app gives any traveller the ability to discover, book and access premium airport lounges worldwide.

Formerly a place for only elite travellers, with the help of Loungebuddy you can instantly book guaranteed access – turning the stressful and busy airport environment into a comfortable start or finish to your trip.