Byredo Bullion

Byredo Bullion is the latest unisex fragrance from creative nose Ben Gorham, inspired by his Middle Eastern travels. Bullion pays homage to the scents of Arabia and Ancient Persia, cultures steeped in opulence and thus Bullion, the mass noun for gold or silver.

Equally precious in nature, are Byredo Bullion’s ingredient line up starting with Crushed Pink Pepper combining with Black Plum. At the heart and base – osmanthus, magnolia, leather, sandalwood and a plethora of musks to evoke thoughts of palace gardens, bustling souks and grand bazaars. Finally, dark woods remember the architectural period of the Ottoman and Byzentine interior.


“Bullion is the first fragrance that we’ve created that is actually inspired by all the visits I’ve made to the Middle East. It’s a combination of places, food and, most importantly, people.”

– Ben Gorham, Founder and Creative Director of BYREDO


  • Top: Pink Pepper, Black Plum
  • Heart: Osmanthus, Magnolia, Leather Accord
  • Base: Dark Woods, Sandalwood, Sensual Musks £130 (100 ml) – rare ingredients translate to limited stock.