New Zirh Specialty Shaving Products

Introducing 4 new Shave Formulas from men’s grooming brand Zirh Skincare. Each has been specially created to ensure optimal razor glide, condition the skin and help protect from dryness to keep the skin healthy. Advanced concentrated formulas last between 3 and 4 months. Depending on your specific skin type needs and shaving concerns, there is a product suited to every Ape and Gentleman.


  • Zirh Sensitive Skin Calming Shave Cream – for super-sensitive skin types.
  • Zirh Sensitive Skin Calming Shave Gel – instantly relieves irritation and cools skin.
  • Zirh Heavy Beard Skin Conditioning Aloe Shave Cream – for those with tough, thick beard growth.
  • Zirh Ultra Performance-Infused Shave Gel – dubbed the ‘ultimate in shaving’ it covers all the bases + anti-ageing.

Zirh, available from from 25/9/12.