Canada Goose

Founded from humble beginnings in Toronto, Canada, in 1957, outerwear brand Canada Goose has since grown into one of the world’s finest manufacturers of extreme weather outerwear.

Each garment is hand stitched, with 100% of their production being in Canada. When we think of Canada, we naturally associate the country with cold weather as part of their national identity. Living there can only be a good benchmark against the technical ability of their produce.

Canada Goose, famously, developed the Thermal Experience Index (TEI). Essentially a warmth index, which aids customers in choosing the right product to match their needs. Think, light-weight jackets of active sports, right through to field-tested parka’s for the coldest places this earth is home to. The 5 point scale ranges from clothing suitable for 5oC through to -80oC on the other end of the spectrum. Quite remarkable.

Products are, as ‘standard’, warm, durable and water resistant. Attention to details is at the fore, with the fur around the hoods on applicable jackets sporting coyote fur, because it never freezes nor does it hold water. And most importantly, the insulation – each jacket contains some Hutterite down, one of the most premium Canadian downs available. Notable for its remarkable ability to retain more warm air than other jackets, meaning lighter weight jackets but with superior warmth.