Chivalry Is Not Dead

The dating scene is very different to how it used to be. You can have an entire relationship with out ever necessarily meeting the person. It was inevitable the dating world would enter the 21st century, but no one could predict that all meaning of romance would be lost. It seems everyone is out searching for one in the moment instead of one in a life time.

Undeniably we women want our Zack Mayo (Officer and a Gentleman). However it seems we are too often settling for a Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother) at the bar. Just because you can hook up with endless amounts of girls and not bother to learn their names, doesn’t mean you should.

It can be hard to show a girl your interested, with out coming off as ‘keen’ a term men every where desperately try to avoid. I have created a little Gentleman’s Guide to show you a few things you can do to show your interest in a respectful way, while still keeping your manhood in tact. A modern aged chivalry.

Good Night/Good Morning Texts

It’s so simple, and absolutely effortless. We don’t expect paragraphs of your undying love for us. Just a little reminder that when you woke up you remember we were apart of your lives with out us texting your first. It also allows us to actually get some sleep instead of lying awake ALL night incase you were just busy and are still planning to text us back.

Call To Make Plans

When dating chances are you already text each other a lot, so when it comes to making plans try to make it a little special. A phone call feels very personalised, and is on a much more romantic level. This will leave your girl smiling for days afterwards.

Actually Plan a Date

They say the best days out are totally unplanned but lets face it, that is not true. If you meet for a date with nothing planned the first half hour will be spent playing verbal tennis with the inevitable “I don’t mind what ever you want to do”. After the half hour of debate you will then settle for an uneasy coffee in the closest place to you which is usually full of people.

Switch Off Your Phone

It’s common curtesy to not sit staring at your phone when you’re in other peoples company, however if you really like the girl, turn it off completely or put it in the bottom of your bag. Just show her that she has your undivided attention. It’s only for the duration of the date, and it can really help you to get to know each other better.

Make Sure She Gets Home Safe

The high point of every first date is the kiss on the door step, so walking/driving her home is the obvious choice (remember to leave it at a kiss for the first date). Sometimes thats not always possible she may insist on getting a cab alone, which is fine, but be sure to give her a text a little later on to check up, simply asking if she got home okay. It will be very much appreciated and will definitely get you extra points with her friends and family when she tells them.

Take An Interest

The most important thing here is to take an interest, not fake an interest. She enjoys fashion? Ask her questions, try to learn new things and see new places; don’t tell her that your brother is head of design at Gucci and you’ve attended every fashion show since you were born. Remembering little details of what she says is much more flattering than trying to compete for who loves it more.