In a world where concrete traditionally represents the mundane fabric of sprawling cityscapes, Comme Des Garçons provide a new context in their unique new fragrance.

Here, stereotypes are subverted, and the material is instead treated as unpredictable, versatile, and precious.

concreteCONCRETE is a fragrance where material preconceptions are deftly demolished, paving the way for something new in an exploration of destruction, construction, and creation.

Destruction: The richness of Sandalwood is shattered to reveal its very essence, a radically new scent emerging from its fractured form.

Construction: New contrasts are created through already familiar fabrics. Industrial synthetics are used to pierce natural familiarity, and artificial Rose oxide distorts an opulent woody overdose.

Creation: Layers of resinous warmth are lacquered with metallic seams and built upon a foundation of Comme Des Garçons’ renowned spice signature.

square_socialThe fragrance is contained within a hand-finished shell of concrete and glass, and each vessel is uniquely formed to create a celebration of irregularity.

Here, the archetypes of beauty and the conventions of luxury are wholly dissembled.

cdg_concrete_bottle_reflectionAn exceptional fragrance created from many different fragments of familiarity, CONCRETE is Comme Des Garçons’ unique disruptive approach to design distilled into a scent.