Desmond & Dempsey – The Wild Ones Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Desmond & Dempsey have launched their new Autumn/Winter collection of luxury pyjamas for 2017 – fittingly entitled The Wild Ones.


Co-founders of the brand, Joel and Molly Jeffery, hail from opposite sides of the world, England and Australia respectively, and met in Canada. Thousands of miles apart, they were only able to contact each other by Skype every Sunday, until they were eventually able to move in together in London.


With this in mind, the pair wanted to abandon the rules and have fun with the trouble makers for their new Autumn/Winter collection. Therefore, The Wild Ones is dedicated to those who stay out all Saturday night and sleep all Sunday.


Looking to legendary tales, with an old-world English undertone for inspiration, the collection features prints inspired by the albums and journals of English adventurers, along with their escapades and wild nights. Flora, fauna and birds form an exotic landscape in twilight colours and tell the tales of their worldly explorations, creating a collection that embraces maximalisim.

Traditional textures, ginghams and foxes give a nod to their routes in the English countryside with a familiar mix of the wild and wonderful British aristocracy. The new collection is available in 100% luxury cotton.


“The crazy’s. The adventures. Those whose worlds never match and everything clash. To the wonderful and the daring, who with a whiff of rebellion expel minimalism. It is for those with richness and flare. The ones that set the world on fire…”

The Wild Ones Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection, coming soon, by DESMOND & DEMPSEY

Jack Lenton

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