Dom Pérignon Plénitude Deuxième 2000 Champagne

For those who seek the unexpected, Dom Pérignon presents the exceptional and long-awaited champagne, Plénitude Deuxième 2000.

Visitors to Claridge’s and Rosewood London, two of the select hotels and restaurants within the Dom Pérignon Finest Experience Collection, were given the exclusive opportunity to experience the vibrant new champagne a month in advance of its wider release in July.


The original Vintage 2000 champagne, released in 2008, has been given a second life, which after a lengthy 17-year second maturation, has transformed into a surprisingly youthful and energetic expression despite its age.

“The pleasure to be found in Plénitude Deuxième 2000 is the element of surprise. It’s older yet more energised, it’s a sort of a paradox. The sensorial experience is totally different.” – Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy.

This unique, two-stage journey from the expected Vintage 2000 to the unexpected Plénitude Deuxième 2000 is the result of a succession of maturation peaks known as ‘Plénitudes’ – a phenomenon observed by Richard Geoffroy who recognised that over time, each Dom Pérignon Vintage presented different expressions of itself.


Layered with textures, the bouquet is ripe, lively and generous with warm aromas of hay and brioche that mingle with bergamot orange and stone fruit, providing a tactile palate of creaminess and complexity.

Plénitude Deuxième 2000, £290 by DOM PÉRIGNON

Jack Lenton

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