From the legendary Regency House of Toiletries, D’ORSAY, we mark the welcome return of this elegant brand founded by prince of the dandies, Count Alfred D’Orsay who died in 1851. The Count’s initial remit was to create light, fresh fragrances for himself and his lovely inamorata, Lady Blessington, whose portrait hangs at the Wallace Collection, her loveliness still drawing the crowds.

Always a discreet cult best-seller both in England and France, D’Orsay supplies immaculate, imaginative colognes of impeccable pedigree and their famous triple milled soaps of delicious texture and fragrance.

We have one great fragrance for men:


First launched by the count’s descendant, a second Alfred D’Orsay, in 1925, this is a classic scent of the period with unusual notes of tobacco, whisky, ginger and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper. Crisp top notes of mandarin and bergamot, a rich lasting base of oak and cedar.

Tobacco is now a standard note in the perfumer’s repertoire but 90 years ago it was revolutionary, shocking and controversial – Le Dandy is one of a suite of tobacco-based fragrances that set the olfactory tone of the 1920’s – also available; Molinard’s Habanita (1924) and Caron’s uber-tabacco, Tabac Blond (1919)


There are four soaps on offer:

Etiquette Bleue

From a formula first launched in 1908. An invigorating but subtle herbal/citrus blend of lavender, rosemary, orange blossom, petit grain, mosses and fragrant woods. The scent of the finest cologne.


Re-formulated by the perfumers’ perfumer, Olivia Giacobetti from an original recipe of 1908. The heavenly smell of linden blossom in a June country garden amplified with touches of melon, lemon, acacia and sweet dried hay.


A brisk masculine blend of traditional oils: top notes of basil, lemon, orange, lavender and mint blend with nutmeg, black pepper, patchouli, cinnamon, vanilla and musk.

Aroma 3

Dominated by a fresh note of green lavender, which opens into a complex bouquet of enrol, musk, jasmine, coriander and clove. Sage, oakmoss and cedar give a wonderful deep woody quality.

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