Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari have announced the launch of the 488 Spider, with the mid-rear-engined V8 car to feature a retractable hard top roof.

Made with an aluminium spaceframe chassis and bodyshell, a new turbo-charged V8 and aerodynamics that reconcile the need for greater downforce with reduced drag along with the specific cabin air flow demands of an open-top car. For technology fans, the 488 Spider has vehicle dynamics which ensure it’s fast, agile and instantly responsive.

The 488 Spider is powered by a 3902 cc turbo-charged V8 with a maximum power output of 670 CV combined with maximum torque of 760 Nm at 3000 rpm to send the 488 Spider sprinting from 0 to 62 mp/h in 3 seconds flat. Surprisingly, the V8 is also an efficient engine as it is not only 100 CV more powerful than the previous naturally-aspirated V8 but also has lower CO2 emissions.

The 488 Spider will be unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September but can be seen from today finished in the new Blu Corsa livery at

Chris Beastall

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