Frederic Malle – Vetiver Extraordinaire Men’s Grooming

Frederic Malle have released two new men’s grooming products – Vetiver Extraordinaire shave cream and after shave balm.

The products follow the same inspiration as their Vetiver Extraordinaire men’s fragrance, composed by Dominique Ropion, with the aim of creating a grooming range with care-free charm and masculine elegance.


Dominique Ropion was the first perfumer to gain access to a molecularly-distilled pure extraction of vetiver essence, and the first to exceed the standard 8% concentration of other vetiver perfumes by using a substantially larger 25%.

With this unprecedented dose of Haitian vetiver essence, he creates a scent of sandalwood, cedar and cashmeran, bound to the skin by oak moss and musk and lifted by pink pepper, bergamot and bitter orange for a striking freshness.


A razor blade gliding through the shaving cream is, according to Frédéric Malle himself, “like a great skier carving their way with precision down a ski slope.”

Thick and nourishing, lightly scented and topped with menthol, this luxurious shaving cream is designed to leave the skin feeling refreshed and well cared for.

The after shave balm was made to add further comfort to newly shaven skin: also cooled by a finishing touch of menthol, the balm moisturises the skin after shaving to eliminate irritation.



The Vetiver Extraordinaire Men’s Grooming Range, by FREDERIC MALLE

Jack Lenton

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