Friday Five: Summer Style Mistakes

It hot outside, not dark. In fact it’s actually getting brighter outside, so we can all see exactly what you’re wearing. Don’t let the sun send your sense of style out of sync. While trying to stay comfortable and cool in the warmer months of the year don’t forget that there will always be a stylish option available.

Socks and Sandals

Unless over the age of 65 and suffering from chaffing this will never be acceptable, socially or logically. Socks are to warm your feet and sandals designed to keep them cool, combine them and you’re simultaneously messing with the delicate balance of your foot temperature. Also you look ridiculous.


I see no reason why you would wear these, apart from the fact they are insanely comfortable; but so are trainers, soft lined boat shoes and bare feet in the sand. For the beach, gardening and other such casual things I understand their appeal, but for running around town? If you give the excuse “because it’s comfortable” when asked why you are wearing a specific piece of clothing you don’t look sophisticatedly intelligent you look lazy. Stylish and comfortable is totally attainable in the 21st century, no excuses.

Short Suits

While conventionally you can see the thought process here, I could never quite wrap my mind around the practical application of the suit jacket and matching shorts which has been seen in many designer collections. I will admit there is nothing wrong with a nice pair of shorts skilfully partnered with a smart shirt. The short suit is different kind of ball game. It actually begins to trespass into the school uniform territory, trying to reclaim your youth in a quite creepy sort of way.

Deep V Necks

You could argue there is nothing wrong with a subtle v-neck, you would even be right it can even be quite cooling in the hot summer months. Having your V too deep however only tends to look good on hairless muscled models which is a physique only around 2% of the male population have. This also applies for wearing your button down shirt unbuttoned to the navel. There are other ways to keep cool.

Super Skinny Jeans

I’m quite a fan of the male skinny jean, however having them look like leggings will put passers by off their ice-cream. This is an all year round style mistake, but if you must embrace the super skinny jeans do not do it in summer. You will melt and getting them off will require the strength of 1000 men and possibly industrial scissors.