Introducing Givenchy Mister Radiant, a unisex product designed to give your face a healthy glow. There are other products on the market which offer this but the way Givenchy deliver it is unique and brilliant.

Delivery arrives in the form of a water-rich gel texture and the pièce de résistance; the brown and yellow microbeads which contain anti-oxidant vitamin E along with pigment and illuminating particles for that gently bronzed, healthy look.

The gel is a delight to apply, very refreshing and quickly absorbed. Massaging it into the skin (even sensitive skin) in circular motions breaks and mixes the microbeads, allowing them to deliver an instantly healthy glow.


Despite being named Mister Radiant, as mentioned, the product is unisex. You can also buy Mister Light (Instant Light Corrective Pen) and Mister Mat (Mattyfying Primer).

Mister Radiant is destined for success. Use it all year round.

RRP £24.00 / €33.50 / $36.00 for 30ml / 1fl.oz.