Grant’s Signature

As modern day gentlemen boldly carving our paths across the contemporary landscape, it’s important to balance our industrious accomplishments with some well-earned downtime. In respect to the spirit of relaxation these moments are best celebrated with friends; those great escapes with our mates away from the day-to-day humdrum.

To honour these moments of escape, Grant’s, the oldest family owned blended Scotch whisky, introduces their brand new Signature blend to the market. Grant’s have been quietly working away on perfecting the Signature blend for a number of years, winning silver at the 2014 International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Keeping it simple with a Signature Neat

The new Grant’s Signature is a smooth expression with a refined blend of tasting notes, making it an easy drink to enjoy with friends as you celebrate your accomplishments and toast future exploits. A mild, sweet start soon settles to a smooth, rich flavour that fills the mouth before finishing with an enjoyable, lingering blend of toffee and malts. Though ideal on its own a selection of Signature cocktails allow the new blend to remain centre stage without complication; we recommend the Signature and Ginger, a double measure of Grant’s Signature topped with ginger ale, or the Signature Mizuwari, a double measure with a dash of bitters and topped with sparkling water.

The Signature and Ginger, ideal for summer weather

To celebrate the moments of unwinding with friends that Grant’s Signature pays homage to, the label is offering men the chance to win a number of weekend ‘manscape’ prizes, including a chance to drive your dream car at the Monaco Grand Prix, Husky safaris in the Swedish mountains and Ice Hiking to witness the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Grant’s Signature

In celebration of this competition we recommend a call to the boys and a moment to toast future endeavours with a measure of Grant’s Signature in your glass.

Grant’s Signature is available now from leading supermarkets priced £19