How to Ruin a Date

If you’re looking to purposely sabotage the date or trying to track down where you went wrong then these 7 sure fire tips will tell you exactly how you’ve ruined any date.

Before the date has even started you could have ruined it. Nothing screams awful date more than a guy sending you 5 texts in a row when your busy multi-tasking at work, coffee fuelled trying to get everything done so you can leave a little earlier to get ready. Just because we’re taking a while to get back to you doesn’t mean we’re necessarily on the verge of cancelling on you.

Again before the date has even started you can majorly annoy/turn off your date by proposing a 1000 different places to eat and not being able to make a solid decision. You don’t have to take total control, however if your going to give us options stick to a 3 maximum.

Nearly everyone you meet will have had a job that they hated at some point in their life, especially if they have ever been a student. Wether it was a waitress, telesales or something in-between, anything to do with customer services will make your date very aware of how you treat the staff around you. Don’t be rude and don’t under tip, it doesn’t make you seem powerful, cool or important!

On the same subject of waitressing; while we like to see you being nice and friendly with staff, maybe even a little banter to show her how laid back and fun you are. Leave it at that. This is our date not theirs, and it may seem simple enough but don’t flirt with the waitress. That’s a sure fire way to not get a second date.

It’s quite common for the subject of an ex to come up during a date, we all know the protocol for this. However constantly talking smack about her doesn’t exactly leave us feeling comfortable, especially as females brains instantly go to “Will he talk about me like this one day?”

Offering to pay for dinner is a lovely gesture and your date will genuinely appreciate it (well most of us do). Remember it’s a gesture, especially if you outright offer to pay before we even have a chance to get our purses out. Try not to act like she owe’s you something in return… because she doesn’t.

When a date it over, it’s over. Even the best dates in the world have to end, and 9 times out of 10 it’s not ending in your bed. Unless she has suggested staying a while longer or going back to yours don’t try to force it. Let things run the natural course.