Celebration reimagined- Mumm launches the world’s first digitally connected champagne bottle

On the eve of the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix, champagne house Mumm hosted a private event with international musician Mark Ronson to launch the world’s first digitally connected champagne bottle. Mumm’s connected Magnum is designed to capture the thrill and emotion of a Formula 1® podium and the event took place on-board Mumm’s private yacht in Monte Carlo.

Mumm has been at the heart of the Formula 1® podium celebratory moment since the beginning of its partnership in 2000. The moment the cork is popped from this connected Magnum a sensor links to a receiver in the venue’s audio and visual system and triggers an interactive sound and visual experience that can be personalised by each select nightclub that will host this offering. The Magnum improves the celebration experience by taking a praised classic icon of celebration and connecting it with the digital and physical world.

At the launch event Mark Ronson gave his view: “Launching the world’s first connected champagne bottle with Mumm was an incredible experience, and one I feel very privileged to have been a part of. When I popped the cork of the Magnum of Mumm it was an unforgettable moment of celebration, and being at the Monaco Grand Prix on board Mumm’s private Yacht was the perfect setting.”

Mumm’s connected Magnum is available for purchase now at various prestigious venues around the globe.