1948 London by Nike

Ape to Gentleman recently visited Nike’s ‘1948’ store- a part retail space, part creative playground which opened in the summer of 2008 in an abandoned East London railway arch. A Nike special project, it inspires freedom and self-expression through sport and culture.

It not only stocks the rarest Nike footwear and apparel (Nike Labs: F.C. Real Bristol, Gyakusou and ACG), but has been intelligently designed to allow communities to make use of the space and allow Nike to inspire Londoners to play and love sport through cultural experiences, installations, screenings and events.

Architecturally, there is a raised mezzanine area above the main product space- a private gallery which acts as a creative library and workspace that is open to all. Visitors can access an extensive collection of sports, sports culture and design titles, should they need somewhere to sit back, think in peace and be inspired.

Gino Fisanotti, Nike UK Marketing Director said: “Nike celebrates sport like no other brand, inspiring consumers and entire communities to play and love sport. 1948 is much more than a brand space – 1948 is sport redefined. It’s a clash of sport culture, community engagement, the energy of London and the very best of Nike.”