Hair Loss and You

What does your hair have to do with who you are? I’ve encountered way too many men who seem to think that who they are is all about what they have or don’t have on top of their head. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned throughout all of my experiences is that I am me and all that that means, irrespective of how many hairs per square inch I have on my head.

We all deal with hair loss differently

I’ve also learned that hair loss affects all men in different ways. There are those who look in the mirror and go “Cool, won’t be needing that anymore anyway” and take a shaver to their scalp. Oh how I would love to be one of those guys. Talk about low maintenance and zero expense! Some of us, however, feel that we benefit from a smattering (or more) up there. So let’s wander through the various ways that our hair influences our identity and who we think we are.

  • “It’s the end of my sex life as I know it!” Ok this is pure nonsense and you need to snap out of it. If anything, believing that to be true is a bigger turn-off than whether or not you’re bald. If you think baldness is unattractive to women, may I suggest you consider the likes of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis? A generation or two ago, it was actor Yul Brynner of The King and I and I seriously doubt he ever had an issue with the ladies. And anyway, even though you can choose to shave off what hair you do have, you don’t have to stay bald if you don’t want to! Personally, I chose the hair restoration surgery route.
  • “I hate looking in the mirror these days.” Well sure you do because you’re looking at yourself all wrong. Did your self-worth fall out on your pillow along with your hair strands? No, it didn’t! This is a choice. Only proactivity will help you feel better. First decide whether you want hair or a bald head. Bald? Fine, shave it off. Hair? Right, go and investigate your options. You don’t have to feel anything less than the spectacular guy you’ve always been.
  • “There go my career prospects.” Come on now, do you really think your career is going down the gurgler just because you’re balding? It’s time you did a bit of people-watching. Go to a mall, grab a coffee, sit there and watch the passing parade. Spot the bald guys. Spot the guys with loads of hair. Who’s wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase? Who looks busy and focused? Who’s having a business meeting? Bet you anything the men you witness are of all shapes, sizes, colours and hairy-headedness. I’d also bet no one is noticing you! People simply don’t take any notice of others unless they’re doing something extraordinary or annoying. So be extraordinary at work. I can almost guarantee you that your ‘woe-is-me’ syndrome will be annoying. Get on with it.

How to take the focus off your hair

If you’ve been gradually noticing your hair becoming thinner and you’ve become pinpoint-focused on it, you’re probably missing the bigger picture. In fact, many men see nothing but their hair – or lack thereof – when they look in the mirror. Just because you’re balding doesn’t mean you can’t get to work on improving your appearance. If how you look affects how you feel, consider the many other ways that may have escaped your attention.

  • Get fit – Muscle definition, a trim belly and no double chin are bound to perk you up and make you feel better. You can’t possibly feel down on yourself when you work on your body.
  • Stand up straight – Correcting your posture instantly changes the way you look and feel. Why not sign up for some Pilates and you’ll find maintaining your posture becomes second nature in no time.
  • See the dentist – Do a bit of teeth whitening, get any necessary dental work done and see about some cosmetic dentistry. Your smile is a high value point of your appearance.
  • Sort your eyes – Do you wear glasses? Update your style or go for contacts.
  • Get groomed – Tame those wayward eyebrows; treat yourself to a professional shave and then maintain it; have a facial to clear any blackheads and other blemishes.
  • Smile! Not even kidding. If you’re going to go around looking like the world’s about to end, no one will want to give you a second thought.

The point I’m trying to make here is that by focusing on your hair issues, you’re probably missing loads of other aspects of your appearance that could do with some attention. Perk yourself up and remember that your hair is not the only thing that makes you look the way you do or feel the way you feel.

If losing your hair is particularly devastating and not just an inconvenience, or it’s gradually undermining your self-confidence, it’s time to explore your options. From vitamin supplements and specialist hair products through to hair restoration surgery, there are treatments and permanent fixes out there. Don’t leave it until you’re so down on yourself that you get depressed or anxious. You are every ounce the guy you’ve always been. This is literally a cosmetic issue that can be sorted via many different therapies. I’ve been there and I know how it feels. Trust me when I say that once you get comfortable with the solution you ultimately choose, life just gets better and better.

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Spencer Stevenson

Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson is well known to hair loss sufferers throughout the world and has been helping educate them for over 10 years. He has endured wigs, laser and ten hair transplants surgeries via different techniques. His website was set up to mentor and counsel others who are experiencing male pattern baldness and considering hair restoration via hair transplantation.