Hair Loss Awareness Month

Over 40% of us claim that we have suffered from hair loss, so it’s important to understand you’re not alone. For many sufferers, losing their hair can have severe effects, more indepth than just losing hair, including a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

Hair Loss Awareness Month is an annual national health campaign in August which aims to increase awareness of hair loss and provide sufferers with advice and support

The objective of Hair Loss Awareness month is to demystify the causes, the myths and the emotional and social consequences of hair loss, and to present options available to those coping with it. The campaign also aims to fight harmful taboos regarding hair loss, all the while promoting the benefits of prevention, diagnosis and medical or other types of hair loss treatment with healthcare professionals.

Through out August the Ape to Gentleman team will be offering our advice advice on the natural and cosmetical approaches to tackling, prevent or simply embracing the different types of hair loss as listed below:

Thinning Hair

When you lose more than 150 hairs daily. While day to day you may not notice this, it can however become a real problem. To test this hold about 15-20 hairs between your thumb and index finger and tug. If more than 6 hairs come out then there may be a problem worth looking into.

Receding Hair Line

Perhaps the most common form of hair loss, it occurs in almost 40% of men in their 20’s. Often hereditary and passed down through either your mother or your father. It’s worth checking your hairline every six months if someone on either side of the family suffers from hair loss.

Patchy Hair Loss

Often caused by stress, bad diet and illness, this type of hair loss can happen suddenly and should be handled with caution. See the doctor, and once you’re given the go-ahead there are a number of products that will help you get back to a hairier you.