Hair Transplant Review

Day 0 – Hair Transplant

I’m in my early thirties, my hair has been steadily receding for around five years I guess. Is it time to consider a hair transplant? I only really noticed over the last couple of years. Being ‘older’ and not an early twenty something, I knew my hair loss was likely to be a slow affair- and in truth, I’m not sure how bothered I’d be if it did fall out. Men seem to have varying degrees of worry when it comes to hair loss. For some, it’s the end of all things and for others, they shave their head and move on. I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle on the ‘concern scale’. Either way, I believe the truth is- no one really notices your hair (or not) other than you, so if it bothers you- consider your options.

We did a review on SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation), a scalp ‘tattoo’ of sorts which to an untrained eye looks like shaven hair, it’s great. You can read our review here. For those of you who prefer real hair though, a hair transplant is the only option. And I, for the greater good- decided to undergo one for your benefit (and mine). I flew to Phoenix, AZ in the US where Dr. Scott Alexander of performs some of the best looking hair transplants available. A lot of it is the skill in the surgeons hand, creating your new hairline is almost an art- to get it natural looking anyway.


Dr. Alexander, firstly, is an extremely nice gentleman- as are his staff. In this featured series I’ll document my hair transplant journey from start to ‘finish’ with text and photos (my hair on Day 0 above). I was assisted by globally recognised hair loss expert Spencer Stevenson who runs – he acted as a patient advisor, and was invaluable. I was advised to take Finasteride, a drug which strengthens hair- meaning less ‘shock loss’ (hair falling out from the trauma of a hair transplant) and a ‘stop’ to further hair loss. I declined because of potential side effects but many take this drug with success. Consult your doctor on this one. There is an FAQ page at the end of this feature, where I’ll answer any questions you may have.

*Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for this feature, but didn’t pay for my hair transplant- so you might think I’m biased towards Dr. Alexander. I’m not, I don’t owe him anything… and he agrees. It’s a report on my findings, and we both hope you, I and he find the results useful.