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How much does your disposable razor really cost?

The saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is a lot easier to put into practice when prices aren’t rising. Razor cartridges from the famous brands were notoriously overpriced before the recent wallet squeeze, so the case for using a traditional safety razor is only getting stronger.

The problem is, few of us factor in the full cost of ownership when we make a purchase. There’s shipping, replacement parts and in-built obsolescence (when it’s made to not last) that can belie a lower price tag. Like coffee pods, water filters and toothbrush heads, the real money making in shaving comes from the blades you’re going to have to buy on repeat. This makes those cheaper razors look more economical than they are. Sneaky, huh?

What’s stopping you from switching to a safety razor?

There’s a couple of reasons that encourage loyalty to what you have at home. Ever heard of the sunk cost fallacy? It’s when you’ve invested in a set up that’s costing you more, but you keep using it out of habit. There’s also something known as the endowment effect, which refers to the emotional bias when people value something they own more than its actual market value. Brands use tactics like free trials because they know once people start using a product they’re likely to keep using it, even when better options appear.

In addition, virtually all razors (disposables, multi-blade cartridge and safety razors) have the same limitation: they don’t support the blade adequately which causes irritation. It’s also perfectly possible that your last safety razor wasn’t actually that safe, if you came away with more nicks.

What makes a Henson safety razor so different?

Henson Shaving, Canada’s finest safety razor, is a precision engineered, no-compromise safety razor. It is almost impossible to cut yourself with this safety razor and here’s why. It’s made in the same facility that’s been producing complex satellite components for 20 years, including supplying critical parts for the Exo Mars rover. Turns out, if you apply exacting aerospace standards to a terrestrial razor, you can create a super precise shave and quality that’s guaranteed to last.

Unlike any other razor we know, the Henson is machined from aerospace grade aluminium to an AS9100 precision spec. What does that mean? It means the blade extends by exactly 33 microns, or half the thickness of a human hair – yes, it’s that tiny.

The Henson razor fixes the blade edge firmly in place at a perfect 30 degree angle against the skin. This prevents the bending, flexing and scraping that causes irritation from inferior razors. Steady, sturdy, safe – you get a superior shave with a Henson.

A design feat with a lifetime guarantee

Have we mentioned that the AL13 is a design classic? Composed of three parts and crafted from aluminium, it comes in a choice of five appealing finishes: jet black, steel blue, tan, copper and aircraft aluminium.

The handsome, ergonomic handle features an etched grip, and screws smoothly into the base plate. The unique head design features wider exit channels that allow the lather and cuttings to wash away easily, so there’s nothing clogging the blade.

The perfectly angled stand helps keep the blade nice and dry when it’s not in use, extending its life span. Super light, the AL13 weighs in at 1.3 oz, or just shy of 37 grams, and with a lighter razor, you’ll find you can afford to use shorter, faster strokes.

A more sustainable shave

The safety razor was zero waste long before it was considered a trend. Henson’s all-metal construction means there’s no plastic going to landfill, from the handle to the blade or the packaging, and all components are fully recyclable.

By selecting the bulk box of 100 blades – which can last anywhere between 3-5 years depending on how frequently you shave – you could also be looking at a single delivery, cutting down the emissions from frequent courier trips.

Over time, a Henson razor will cost you less

The Henson AL13 is roughly seven times more expensive than a regular plastic razor at the initial outlay, but the blades cost 20 times less than the leading refill cartridge, which makes the operating cost significantly lower (and you don’t even have to buy them from Henson). In fact, you’ll recoup your initial investment in six months, and within two years you could have saved as much as $185/£150.

With good care, in 10 years a Henson razor could save you as much as $1000/£827. And at 20 years as much as $2,400/£1,984, at current USD/GBP exchange rates. At a time when every penny counts, it makes economic sense to buy the best you can afford.

How does the Henson work?

Don’t know your way around a safety razor? The Henson is gratifyingly simple. The main handle screws tightly and smoothly into the top cap and the base plate, which sandwiches the blade tightly in between. With a double-edge razor, when you’ve used one side, switch it over by turning or flipping it to use the new side.

Of course, shaving is more than just the tool you use. For best results, use a Henson razor with a proper brush and quality shaving soap. Use horizontal strokes to lather the soap, in a back and forth motion, from the face down the neck. Take your time to make the first pass with the razor, then lather up and repeat for the second.

For the uninitiated, with a safety razor you don’t need to apply as much pressure to deliver a super-smooth, comfortable shave.

Buy as a bundle to save

To get the optimum set up, it’s more economical to buy the handle and stand together, with the largest supply of razors. Together, the Henson Shaving routine costs £93.18, and consists of the AL13 (£53.79), 100 RK Shaving Stainless Steel DE blades (£8.46) and the Henson razor stand (£25.41), plus shipping to your destination.

No matter how often you shave, it won’t feel like a chore with Henson Shaving.

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