1970: once upon a time there was Equipage. A fragrance created by Guy Robert, and the first men’s perfume from Hermès. An aromatic spicy woody men’s perfume which is as restrained as it is masculine, a perfect balance between strength and subtlety.

Launching in November, 2015- the classic is reborn with the same original message, but with a new, contemporary freshness.

“I tried to capture the smell a thousand times, a thousand times it escaped me. Drawn by its complexity, its sumptuousness, I took this perfume with me when I travelled to discover it.” -Jean-Claude Ellena, Hermès’ in-house perfumer since 2004.

Using his nose as a hand, Jean-Claude Ellena focused on the soul of Equipage, stripping its body of artifice and ornamentation, then re-assembling it afresh. The spicy accord and the note of geranium are respected, and we see the addition of an invigorating note hovering between rose and mint. The indolence of sandalwood gives this new creation depth.

Equipage Géranium is housed in the familiar, tall and slender Classics Collection emblematic lantern bottle. On the back is a Philippe Dumas illustration, capturing an imaginary world and infused with the reddish notes of geranium.