Inside Emirates Executive

We couldn’t resist including an inside look of Emirates’ private jet service, Emirates Executive on Ape to Gentleman. The customised Airbus A319 Business Jet, which accommodates 19 people and features a combination of private suites and seating, a lounge, dining area and bathrooms with full height showers – is incredible. Passengers are offered complete flexibility to tailor journeys to their specific requirements, choosing precisely where and when to fly.

Private Suites

Ten Private Suites are each equipped with sliding privacy doors, fully-flat bed seats, visitor’s seat, personal mini-bar and a 32” screen displaying Emirates’ award-winning ice entertainment system. Full Wi-Fi, mobile phone connectivity, and video conferencing are also available.

Emirates Executive Lounge

A spacious lounge featuring two sofas and six lounge seats, which can be configured for doing business, dining, or simply relaxing.

Fine Dining

Passengers can opt for an intimate dinner in the dining area, a banquet-style buffet or service in their own Private Suites and choose from a tailored menu containing only the finest, freshest locally sourced ingredients.

Onboard Shower Spa

A spacious onboard Shower Spa, with fine linens and a range of luxury spa products, will help ensure that passengers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.