The Jameson Works x GAME

The Jameson Works x GAME: James Lowe on Grouse from The Jameson Works on Vimeo.

British game is a unique and historic cuisine available only during a particular time of year, a delicious rarity that requires skill and understanding to prepare in a manner that retains the complex individual flavours for which the meat is known.

To celebrate the craft and stories behind British game season Irish whisky maker Jameson has produced a series of educational films introducing four key game meats with inventive approaches for the best preparation and cooking of each. Created in partnership with esteemed London chefs James Lowe (Lyle’s), Brad McDonald (The Lockhart) and Junya Yamasaki (Koya) as part of The Jameson Works, these ‘how-to’ videos are an informative guide to the stories, flavours and insider knowledge of the meats – essential viewing for those keen to prepare game themselves.

First up in the series is James Lowe’s guide to Grouse, “It’s exciting to be able to work with The Jameson Works on showcasing British game. Grouse is my favourite, it’s seen as the most important of the game birds, and for me it’s the sign that game season has arrived,” said Lowe. “I am passionate about the cooking of British game and it’s great to be able to show it off in all its glory.”

Set-up to not only celebrate, but also to share the stories behind great craft, The Jameson Works acts as a conversational platform for creative individuals of all disciplines to showcase their projects with others and, in doing so, help spread the knowledge of how great craftsmen work today. Encouragingly, the project is not just limited to professionals; via The Jameson Works Bursaries anyone with a creative project in mind can apply for funding to help realise their ideas. For those with an original concept, the opportunity is one not to be missed.