JOSHUA’s Magazine – FIVE

Our friends over at JOSHUA’s Magazine, the premium Life + Style publication covering aspirational brands in Fashion, Well-Being, Sport, Art, Design, Motoring, Drink, Food & Technology have released issue FIVE.


FIVE shows a view on opulence through the eyes of the team behind JOSHUA’s Magazine. The theme focuses on brand heritage, skilled craftsmanship and meaning.

“To launch our recently released Issue FIVE we created a short film to go with our cover shoot which took place at the McLaren Automotive Technology Centre in Woking. Entitled “PROGRESS” the film is a representation of the evolution in the McLaren business model to their new focus on road cars with the McLaren 650s and more recently the McLaren 570s and 540s. The title also encapsulates our journey as a title as we update our cover design and art direction; most notably of which is the “tree” logo used on the cover whereas the full JOSHUA’s name logo was used in the past.” JOSHUA’s Magazine

It showcases the best of what the world has to offer, with an honest humility rather than the abrasive arrogance synonymous with perceived modern luxury.



  • SCULPTOR – Interview with Horse sculptor Nic Fiddian Green
  • HIDDEN DELIGHTS – A look inside the Bentley Mulsanne special Hidden Delights edition
  • ON ARRIVAL – Interview with Johannes Huebl photographed by Mario Testino
  • STEINWAY & SONS – We take a tour round the lauded pianists factory in Hamburg
  • WOOLMARK – We visit the mills charged with spinning yarns for Prada, Chanel and Burberry
  • ELEVATION – A visit to Château La Coste with Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester
  • RACE – A look at winning from the perspective of the Monaco GP
  • 1914 – The first Leica camera ever made
  • BIGHORN – A Heli-Ski escape in Revelstoke; voted the ‘World’s Best Ski Chalet’
  • MUON – Limited Edition KEF speakers reimaginged by designer Ross Lovegrove

The magazine is styled more like a book than a magazine, in Chapters. As always, it’s beautifully crafted, a great read and coffee table showpiece. FIVE features three covers photographed at the McLaren Technology Centre; for the first time, all three covers are available on the newsstand.

JOSHUA's-Magazine-Issue-FIVE-McLaren F1 Road Car-Blur.png

JOSHUA’s Magazine is available worldwide; Issue FIVE is available in LA, New York, Milan, Paris and throughout the UK with distribution extended to Brazil, Canada, Australia, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Holland, Singapore, Taiwan, Belgium and Dubai.

See more of Issue FIVE on JOSHUA’s Magazine’s new digital platform today.

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.