[CLOSED] Jura 39 3/4 YO Single Malt

Distinguishing whisky tasting notes, let alone describing them, is a challenging task for anyone. Scottish whisky brand Jura have created some visuals to help bring to life and characterise the tasting notes of their new 40 Year Old whisky. What might have been considered a more traditional affair has now become playful and exciting by illustrator Robbies Brown Shoes.

Jura’s forthcoming 40 Year Old was opened for attendees of their whisky festival back in May to try before the casks were released. It was then put back into the stacks to finish the ageing process, giving it the aptly named 39 3/4.

Jura are giving 10 lucky winners the chance to have a vial of the exclusive whisky by retweeting their video with #JuraWhisky

Chris Chasseaud

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