Lab Series Skincare for Men

Lab Series Skincare for Men is a men’s grooming brand originally launched in 1987 by Aramis. During 1985 Aramis (owned by the Estée Lauder Companies Inc.) planned to launch a fragrance-free skincare brand named Basix but it was shelved at the last minute. Two years later, as mentioned it was launched as Lab Series under the Aramis brand name, which continued until 2005 where Lab Series lost the Aramis attachment and simply became Lab Series Skincare for Men – a brand in its own right.

The Lab Series premise focuses on technologically advanced ingredients combined with scientific research to create formulas designed specifically for men’s skin. Famed for their CLEAN-SHAVE-TREAT system, they have since added BODY, MAX LS, PRO LS lines and more.

Lab Series cover a broad spectrum of male grooming from acne and shaving to anti-ageing. Available in over 35 countries and territories, the brand continues to innovate with constant additions to their 30+ product range. Look out for reviews and new releases on Ape to Gentleman.