Mühle Shaving

With the reputation of Solingen-made shaving products soaring and the use of double-edged safety razors growing, it is worth shaving aficionados casting their eye east to Saxony in Germany.

Since 1945, in the village of Stützengrün Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG, better known as Mühle Shaving or Muehle Shaving have been combining industrial expertise with a high degree of skilled craftsmanship for over 65 years, to produce some of the finest shaving products available today.

Mühle is still a family run business and currently safe in the hands of the founders grandsons.

Matching whatever Solingen manufacturers produce in terms of quality I believe Mühle have the edge over their competitors. The reason being, their eye for style and design. Quality products, manufacturing methods and materials have become a given – and Mühle overachieve here, they have taken their brand to the next level with a range of shaving equipment which not only lasts but looks the part in any modern (and traditional) man’s bathroom.

Another area of victory is Mühle’s price-point. Often more affordable than competitor brands, a range of shaving products won’t break the bank. Consider their R89 Double Edged Safety Razor, it looks stunning, feels weighty and well made but costs just £25. For those preferring a more traditional straight blade (cut-throat razor), the RM 30 is £60 and again, is stylish and beautifully made.

The Mühle offering is extensive, including shaving brushes, sets, stands, cases and near enough any shaving accessory you can think of and is certainly a brand to look out for and to invest in. If you use Mühle products already, then you don’t need to be told.