Leica TL2 Camera

In November last year Leica released its TL-System Camera– it was crafted in Germany from a single block of aluminium, and today Leica is bringing to market its second model in the TL-System range; the Leica TL2.

The German brand have partnered with Audi’s design team to reduce the camera to its aesthetic essentials. Available in black or silver, the design is at once stark and elegant, with clean, cut edges and intuitive, touch-control elements. The result is a compact, contemporary camera that is both minimalist and robust.


The camera boasts mirrorless technology that allows for a smaller body and attachable lenses, more accurate and consistent autofocus, and a state-of-the-art sensor and image processor to create 24-megapixel images. The TL2’s 3.7in LCD touchscreen is intuitive and responds eight times faster than the previous model.

With the TL App, smartphones and tablets are transformed into electronic viewfinders and can be programmed to remotely control various functions of the camera, such as taking photos and shutter speed. The App also makes it really handy for taking pictures and videos from unusual angles.

There is a 32 GB internal memory ideal for if you’ve maximised your SD card memory. Additionally, pictures and videos can be transferred using the Leica TL2’s integrated Wi-Fi, and HDMI and USB 3.0 ports.


Other improvements over the first model include the Leica TL2’s autofocus being three times faster than the previous model, focusing in just 165 milliseconds. Its video capabilities boast recording in 4K, HD, full HD and slow motion, capturing up to 120 frames per second.

There are six lenses available, manufactured in Germany and Japan; three prime lenses and three compact zooms, providing focal lengths for all situations and types of photography.

TL2 Camera in Black or Silver, £1,700 from LEICA

Chris Beastall

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