The latest brand to enter the men’s grooming stratosphere is ManCave Natural Grooming – with an affordable range containing essential, natural only ingredients. It is certified under the Humane Cosmetics Standard by Cruelty Free International, earning it ‘no-animal-testing’ certification.

The ManCave Regime

ManCave Moisturiser 100ml/ £9.50 – with Caffeine, Borage Oil, Shea Butter, UV Absorbers, Vitamin E and 12 Essential Oils it hydrates, protects from UV rays, mattifies and stimulates the skin.

ManCave FaceWash 125ml/ £5.95 – with Willow Bark, Green Tea, Spinach Extract, L-Arginine, Vitamin E and 12 Essential Oils it cleanses, protects and defends skin cells, and removes unwanted oils without dehydrating.

ManCave Caffeine Shampoo 200ml/ £5.50 – with Caffeine, L-arginine, Shea Butter, Panthenol and 12 Essential Oils cleanses hair and scalp, helps strentghtn roots, moisturses hair with Vitamin E and Shea Butter, and soothes the scalp to prevent itchiness and dryness using Panthenol.

ManCave ShowerGel 200ml/ £3.99 – with Cedarwood, L-arginine, Tea Tree and Black Pepper Oil it cleanses, hydrates and moisturises and rejuvenates with a deep forest fragrance.

ManCave Natural Deodorant 100ml/ £6.99 – with Silver Citrate, Aloe Vera and 12 Essential Oils this Aluminium Free deodorant helps eliminate odours, protect the underarm for up to 24hrs and combat underarm bacteria.