MARS and SNICKERS Ice Cream Tubs

sponsored by Mars Ice Cream

With the recent bout of hot weather heating up the UK, Ape to Gentleman were tasked with tasting the latest MARS and SNICKERS Ice Cream. A welcome challenge considering the +30oC heatwave and a need for anyway possible to cool down.


The story begins earlier this year when MARS Ice Cream launched MARS and SNICKERS Ice Cream Tubs… these ice cream tubs are ideal for sharing and provide another way of enjoying your favourite MARS and or SNICKERS chocolate.


The MARS ice cream tub features a combination of real dairy ice cream, caramel and milk chocolate pieces, while the SNICKERS ice cream tub is full of chocolate covered, roasted peanuts, delicious caramel and creamy dairy ice cream.


In a world where ice cream adverts appear to be dominated by seductively stylised content, we’ve learned that the ice cream version of two of the world’s most popular chocolate bars in MARS and SNICKERS is recipe for victory. Great for sharing with family and friends this summer.

MARS and SNICKERS Ice Cream Tubs, £3.00 each at ASDA